Welcome to Bevan's Focal Point page! Hover over the icons for an explanation.
Continually improve
Journaling made easy. Rate the day's progress from 0-10 and answer a couple of simple questions. See your progress graphically to inspire improvement.
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Cultivate excellence
Start new habits with the Habit Maker. Define your habits and check them off daily.
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Focus Timer
10x your productivity
The Focus Timer helps you do deep work towards your subgoals. (Pomodoro-style)
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Hack your creativity
Find solutions to important questions.
get after it
Reminders keep you on track. You'll be reminded when you haven't registered activity towards your goal in awhile.
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Constant exposure
The recommended browser extension opens Focal Point in every new tab, so your goal stays top of mind.
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Yes. Your contact information and data are yours alone. They're safe with us. We'll email you about product updates, but you can opt out at any time.

Welcome to Bevan's Focal Point page!

This is what your Focal Point page will look like (with your own goal of course!).

Have a look around. For more info, hover over the icons at the top of the page or click the icons.

Be sure to scroll down to see the Habit Maker and Progress graph.

Stay on track with Smart Reminders

We all need reminders now and then.

Focal Point reminds you (via the browser extension and email) when you haven't journaled or checked off your habits in awhile.

Focal Point Browser Extension

What is the browser extension?

The browser extension makes Focal Point your new "home page". It simply opens Focal Point in every new browser window on Chrome. Constant, passive exposure to Focal Point increases your chances of staying on track.

Can I use Focal Point without the browser extension?

Yes, but installing the extension is highly recommended. Automating your focus is an important part of the Focal Point system.

Will the browser extension read my browsing history?

No. When you install the extension, Chrome will alert you that the extension will be able to "Read your browsing history." Rest assured that your browsing history is never recorded or read. That permission is required because the URL of the current tab must be overwritten. The extension only redirects new tabs to Focal Point. To see the full code of the browser extension, click here.

Prefer a third-party extension?

Try "New Tab Redirect" used by 700,000 people

Your Focal Point

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Progress Journal
Average productivity:

Improve Daily

The Progress Journal makes journaling easy. Rate the day's progress from 0-10 and answer a couple of simple questions.

The graph shows your self-reported Progress scores for the last 14 days. The line shows your trajectory (if the line is upward sloping, your progress is accelerating).

Journaling is more than just one number, though. The journal tool also asks you to reflect on your progress and brainstorm ways to improve. This fosters a resourceful mindset.

Daily habits

"Excellence is not an act, but a habit." -Aristotle

Want to start a new habit, or break an old one? This time-tested method makes it easier.

Simply define your daily habit ("Meditate for 15 minutes"), and click "Done" after completing it each day. You'll develop a chain of success that becomes hard to break.

You'll see your success rate over the last two weeks, and your current and longest streaks. Keep your streak going!

To add or manage your habits, click "Habits" from the main menu.

Focus Sessions
Rate your last focus session

10x Your Productivity

The Focus Timer helps you do deep, uninterrupted work sessions towards your subgoals.

  1. Choose a subgoal to work towards
  2. Set a goal for your session
  3. Start your 25-min (by default) session.
  4. Rate your session after it ends.
  5. See your stats.

For each habit, see your success rate over the last two weeks. Keep your streak going!

Rate your last Focus Session

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Why does the Brainstorm game ask for 20 questions?

The Brainstorm game, one of the main tools on this site, asks you questions designed to get your subconscious mind focused on achieving your goal. It asks you to answer a question 20 times in order to push you to think deeply about your goal. This primes your mind to find solutions to goal-related obstacles throughout the day.

It's hard to come up with 20 answers, but the benefit lies in that effort. Playing this game regularly will greatly increase how much you think about a goal, and therefore your likelihood of achieving it.

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Manage daily habits


  • Add your Key Habit.
  • Add up to one new habit per week.
  • Start small. Aim for consistency.
  • Can't decide? Brainstorm now.

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